Sunday, June 15, 2003

Whatever, Roger

After a week of having good luck with MLB.TV, last night I could get neither the TV feed nor the audio feed. That totally sucks. So I had to "watch" the game solely by way of ESPN's pitch by pitch gamecast, which I'm grateful exists and always works as planned — But to rely on it as my only relationship with the game on the field leaves me feeling detached.

I'm quite enthused, though, even from my distant vantage point, with the way it's reported Lowe performed.

Lowe's sinker was rock-heavy once again, resulting in 20-of-22 outs coming via ground balls.

"He's operating with high confidence right now and he's making pitches,"manager Grady Little said. "It looks like he's turned the corner and heading in the right direction" (Horrigan, Herald).

Amen to that.

And for once, I'm in complete agreement with Roger Clemens when he insists on going into the Hall of Fame wearing a Yankee cap.

"I play 20 years, work my tail off, they're not going to tell me what hat I'm wearing," Clemens said. "I promise you that. There might be a vacant seat there. I'll take my mother and we'll go to Palm Springs and invite all y'all and we'll have our own celebration" (Rieber, Newsday via Globe).

Yep. Please let him wear his godforsaken Yankees cap. I don't want to see him any other way. It'd make my skin crawl to have him in a Red Sox cap after all of Roger's singing of his New York, New York theme song. Also, I love the irony that Clemens is too dim to pick up on: He'll never be a true Yankee. New York fans have never warmed up to him and some dislike him as much as anyone in Boston does. No matter what logo adorns his Cooperstown cap, we'll all see a big "$."