Sunday, February 17, 2002

Good news overload

Wow. After going through the off season having to work it just to come up with something to post here each day, I'm now completely caught off guard for what it's like when things get rolling. I've got information overload!

We've got Garces showing up at camp looking svelte after loosing 35 lbs."

When asked if he'd seen ``El Guapo'' yet, first baseman Brian Daubach quipped: ``Yeah, what's left of him'' (Horrigan, The Boston Herald).

We've got former Sox greats Luis Tiant (!), Jim Rice, and Dwight Evans coaching under Kerrigan"

''These guys were great caretakers of the Boston Red Sox and we want to pass that tradition on to our players,'' [Kerrigan] said. ''I think it's important they realize that these guys paid the price for them'' (Hohler, The Boston Globe).

We've got Trot Nixon being Trot Nixon, i.e., a burgeoning team leader:

``We were the complete opposite of the Pats (last season),'' Nixon said. ``They worked together for one goal and it was great to see. I hope a lot of guys saw that and realize that you don't always have to go out and have these outstanding individual numbers. Just play the game smart and work towards one common goal'' (Horrigan, The Boston Herald).

Not a bad Sunday, eh?

And I've decided to break down and set up a wireless AirPort network for my Macs at home. How does this relate to the Red Sox? Ah, now I'll be able to take laptop with me anywhere in the house (or out!) to listen to the MLB broadcast of the games without having 100 ft. of ethernet cable trailing behind me.

It's pretty humorous to think of all the technology I need to employ just to recreate that which the transistor radio has been doing for generations. But when you're out of the Boston area, you gotta do what you gotta do.