Sunday, April 11, 2004

Petey Comes Through

What a fantastic game star to finish.

Martinez, rarely breaking 90 miles per hour on the radar gun, has become more of a control and command pitcher.

He foiled the Jays' strategy of building up the opposing starter's pitch count by throwing nothing but strikes through the first three innings (Griffin, Toronto Star).

And my MLB.TV feed of the game was unbelievably clear. I can't believe the improvement in quality over the previous year. Game came up on the first attempt, picture quality approached that of a small TV (and certainly was as good as what I remember from childhood TV in the 70s), and the stream only needed to rebuffer a couple of brief times during the entire game.

Regarding seeing games in person rather than TV, Dave Pinto notes:

I live in Massachusetts, but it's unlikely that I can get Red Sox tickets at this point. I'd probably have to pay a ticket agent or scalper through the nose. It may actually be cheaper for me to go to Tampa Bay to see a game. I can fly there from Hartford for $100 round trip, and get a pretty good seat for $25.00.

I hadn't thought of that. There are really great deals from Dulles to Tampa Bay as well on JetBlue airlines.

Happy Easter, if that's your thing, Happy Spring regardless. Curt Schilling, 2:05 pm.